Filming of TV Series ‘Bekzat’

Filming of TV Series ‘Bekzat’

A biographical television series, Bekzat, is currently being prepared to be aired in spring this year.

The TV show is about the Kazakh Olympic featherweight boxing gold medalist, Bekzat Sattarkhanov.

The boxer, who was from Turkistan, unfortunately perished in a car accident on Dec. 31st, 2000.

Director of the series, Murat Bidossov said Bekzat focuses only on the legendary champion’s most eventful and intense stages of life and the plot revolves around the Sydney Olympic event in 2000.

He added that all the characters in the series are individuals who played a significant role in Bekzat’s life and career such as AIBA vice president Beket Makhmutov, the national team’s head coach Tursyngali Yedilov and well-known boxers such as Yermakhan Ibrayimov and Mukhtarkhan Dildabek.    

The main character will be played by a Kazakh actor, Samat Azimkulov.

“We want to pay homage to Bekzat Sattarkhanov through this film and create interest in sports and boxing among the younger generation,” he said.

Bekzat will have six episodes on air that reflects the boxer’s life and achievements in sports.