Urzhar Princess Exhibition in Astana

Urzhar Princess Exhibition in Astana

The ‘Urzhar Princess and the Revived Treasures’ exhibition is opened at the National Museum of Kazakhstan in Astana. The event showcases unique artifacts discovered by archeologists six years ago in Eastern Kazakhstan.

Urzhar Archeological Expedition director, Timur Smagulov said the archeologists found the burial site of a noblewoman, which is named as the Urzhar Princess, with the remnants of a golden headwear.

Smagulov, who led the nationwide discovery, added that archeologists believe that the woman belonged to the Saka tribe. She could also be the daughter of one of the previous Saka kings.

The princess, who dates back to 4th or 3rd century B.C, is the main display at the exhibition.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Archeology director, Talgat Mamirov said the princess’ DNA samples were taken and examined by his organization and the Institute of Genetics.

“Based on the analysis, the haplotype found in the woman’s genome is identical to the people who lived in the territory of Northern Eurasia such as Siberia and Mongolia,” he said. 

The Urzhar Princess was discovered in 2013 at the Taskesken-Bakta Highway reconstruction zone in Urzhar area of East Kazakhstan.

She was buried in a stone sarcophagus along with ceramic and wooden vessels as well as bones of sacrificed animals. 

Photo: tengrinews.kz