Drama Film ‘Ayka’ Released in Kazakhstan And Russia

Drama Film ‘Ayka’ Released in Kazakhstan And Russia

‘Ayka’, the drama film directed by Sergey Dvortsevoy was released in Kazakhstan and Russia. Last year, the Kazakh-Russian film was short-listed in the Best Foreign Language Film category of the Academy Awards. Kazakh actress Samal Yeslyamova who performed the leading role won the award for the best actress at the Cannes Film Festival.


- I worked with Samal and saw her potential, that’s why I knew that she could perform this difficult role perfectly. Samal greatly performed her role. We are now traveling with her. We are planning to present the film in Astana and in her homeland Petropavlovsk.


- We put so much dedication in the film production. I believe that the film will be received well by movie-goers and all of them will like the story.

‘Ayka’ tells the story of hardships experienced by a single mother from Kyrgyzstan who tries to survive in Moscow. She is forced to leave her child in the maternity hospital. The film received flattering reviews from both film critics and audience.


- The story is based on our reality. The actors’ outstanding performances made me realize that this film is about our everyday lives. Our everyday routines and small worries don’t let us see such sad stories like this.


- I was impressed by the acting. The leading actress had to be the center of the film. I was feeling her pain. The film showed problems of our country and Moscow in particular.

The movie was shot in a documentary film style. Amateur actors also played in the movie. The filming took six years. Filmmakers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany and China worked on production of the drama.