Kazakh Filmmakers Boast New Awards

Kazakh Filmmakers Boast New Awards

Kazakh filmmakers started the year with some good news. Two films produced by the KazakhFilm studio won awards at the Bangladesh Film Festival. The feature film titled “The Little Prince of the Big City” by director Talgat Temenov was named the best children's film. The cameraman of “Shynyrau” won the award in his nomination in the competition of Asian films. This year, the film festival in Dhaka gathered 220 films from 72 countries.

Critics, international jury members, television and film producers spoke highly of the quality of the Kazakh films. One of the highlights of the festival was the screening of the Kazakh historical drama series “The Kazakh Khanate. The Diamond Sword.” According to film director Rustem Abdrashev, the film allows rethinking of the Kazakh roots, learning about the nomadic history, to better understand the place of the Kazakhs in the modern world.

Many of the festival participants showed interest in the Kazakh series. Chinese and Latin American broadcasters expressed interest in buying the broadcasting rights to the series, producer Arman Asenov told Kazakh TV.

“Delegations from Brazil and other Latin American wrote a lot of reviews about the film. They compared us with the Game of Thrones. It is a good comparison because the film is very similar in the approaches to filming, the scale and the costumes. The only difference is that our film is based on the history of the nomads,” the producer said.