Preparation of professional dombyra players in Astrakhan

Preparation of professional dombyra players in Astrakhan

The Kazakh national instrument, dombyra, is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. In the Astrakhan region, a special department for the dombyra at the College of Culture and Arts has been opened.

Raimbek Ilyeshov has been playing dombyra since his childhood. The young musician says that it seems simple to play the dombyra only at first glance. However, people need to learn a lot of secrets in order to become a professional, to master all the nuances of the ancient instrument and play it virtuously.


- My grandfather and father played dombyra. I have known it since childhood. Now my biggest dream is to teach everyone who wants to play this wonderful instrument.

Today, there are 22 employees at the dombyra department. There are students who are representatives of nationalities such as Kalmyks, Kumyks, Nogais and Tatars. All of them are learning the works of the classic Kazakh instrumental music, specifically, of the great Kurmangazy.


- Young people are very interested in dombyra. Every year, 6 to 7 people enroll to study at this department.

Kazakhs living in Astrakhan have the closest ties with Kazakhstan. In fact, each family is an interlacing of kinship, friendship, business and cultural ties with Kazakh families. Therefore, the ‘Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity’ state program has found a response in the Russian city. In addition, last year the ‘Shalkyma’ folk instrument ensemble visited a number of cities, where the ensemble members performed the famous kui with the dombyra. This also left a mark on the hearts of people admiring the melody of the dombyra.

Today over 140,000 Kazakhs live in Astrakhan. Not a single major cultural event is organized without the dombyra.