‘People living along the Silk Road’ exhibition opened in South Korea

‘People living along the Silk Road’ exhibition opened in South Korea

‘People living along the Silk Road’ exhibition has been opened in Jeonju, South Korea. The exhibition presents the work of four photographers. Within 10 days, a team of photographers had visited Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. In Kazakhstan, the photo shoot took place in the Almaty region. Photographer Kim Min Soo says that he decided to visit Central Asia when he learned that the Great Silk Road once connected this region with Korea and today ethnic Koreans live there. He confesses that Kazakhstan’s boundless steppes, as well as hospitality and friendliness of the local population, made him to have genuine admiration for the country.


- I was impressed by the fact that Kazakhs are trying to do everything to comfort their companion and if they are asked they willingly take pictures. On the contrary, people in Korea try to avoid being caught in a photo. If I were younger, I would move here.

Culture of the countries along the Great Silk Road is of particular interest to China. It was China’s initiative that this large-scale project of the same name was created. Professor of the Institute of Literature at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Huang Zhongxiang has been studying Kazakh language and culture for over 20 years. As part of a scientific mission, he visited all regions in Kazakhstan and studied the national traditions and customs.


- As part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, economic and cultural ties between our countries have strengthened. The countries are entering a new level of cooperation. Our relationship is getting closer. I believe that if we move in the same direction, the relationship between Kazakhstan and China will become stronger.