British bagpipe player promotes Kazakh culture in London

British bagpipe player promotes Kazakh culture in London

British bagpipe player Matthew McRae is contributing to the promotion of Kazakh culture in London. The musician performs Kazakh traditional melodies alongside other compositions. 

After watching Dimash’s performances, Matthew started searching for the music in Youtube for his instrument. The musician performs Kazakh song ‘Kamazhai’ in his own style. Together with young Kazakh dombyra players, the trio performs at official events.


- I think, it sounds absolutely beautiful. I think, my most favorite style of Kazakh music is more classical. It’s been an outstanding privilege to play here. It’s been a real honor and I thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of Kazakhstan, really.

There are many similarities between the bagpipe and the ancient Kazakh instrument ‘zhelbuaz’. Zhelbuaz also consists of a hollow bag with several long pipes which produce sounds. Matthew became interested in the Kazakh music after meeting Dimash Kudaibergen in the airport when he arrived for his solo concert in London.   


- Dimash is amazing and he used the traditional Kazakh music he sang that at the beginning in a very modern way. It was absolutely amazing. But he will reach a certain audience younger generally, but I know he’s very popular. The music that the bagpipe man was playing along with a young man playing the dombyra is more classical and that will appeal to a different audience and I love classical music.

Matthew usually performs his compositions at weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. The musician is planning to promote the Kazakh music among the British music admirers.