‘Notre Dame de Paris’ musical has been staged in Kazakh

‘Notre Dame de Paris’ musical has been staged in Kazakh

A legendary love story has been shown in Kazakh. The famous ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ musical, which is about true love, betrayal, gypsy music, magic and circus, has been staged in Astana. The performance is done as a musical. Actors say that the stage is the most interesting and difficult for them as they had to sing and dance. They also had to play as characters for the audience. Zharkynai Shalkarova and Roza Mukatayeva stars as Esmeralda, who inspires by her extraordinary beauty.


- Esmeralda’s character is very close to mine. I haven’t gone through the things that she’s been through but yet her inner world is very similar to mine. She is a girl who loves freedom very much. She is a girl who grew up in the field and loved nature. This is what I think resembles me.

‘Notre Dame de Paris’ musical is based on the legendary Victor Hugo's novel of the same title. The author of Libretto is Luc Plamondon. He was inspired by the image of Quasimodo, not by his face, but by his inner soul.


- Quasimodo’s heart is pure and he is a good character. In general, I am a singer. Therefore, I had to work hard as an actor because Quasimodo is a hunchback.

The book is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. More than 11 million people have read the book. The musical was first staged at the Paris Congress Hall. 20 years later, it is staged in Kazakh.


- Casting lasted for five months. There were a lot of preparation and translation works. Poet Serikzat Duisengazin has translated the text into Kazakh. It is great news that this performance has been staged in Central Asia for the first time. It has been staged in nine countries. In any country, the language of the performance has to be the local language.