Kazakh dance traditions have deep roots

Kazakh dance traditions have deep roots

Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Toygan Izim is preserving the Kazakh dance traditions which have deep roots. She dedicated 50 years of her life to the national choreography development. She performed Kazakh dances for 27 years and has been sharing her skills and knowledge to the younger generation for the last 23 years. Today, Toygan Izim is considered as one of the most renowned and valued Kazakh dance teachers. The professor has knowledge and skills and a Ph.D. in art history.


 - Today, our Kazakh dance is being revived and developed and it is well represented on the stage in Kazakhstan. Modern dancers turn to folklore more frequently. Dancing in the ancient folklore genre, they stage dances in a new way and make new discoveries. That is how the folklore is being renewed and the art becomes more understandable to people of the next generation. Our specialists performed a lot of work to reach this level.

The Kazakh National Academy of Choreography is working on preserving the unique Kazakh cultural heritage. The academy has a collection of Kazakh music masterpieces, archival data, manuals and books. The academy students are learning the ancient traditions of the Kazakh dance.


 - I am a student of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts. Currently, I am also studying at Kazakhstan’s National Academy of Choreography. I learned a lot about the Kazakh dance, its forms and details from Toygan Izim. I really like learning this art.

The Kazakh dance is the national treasure of Kazakhstan. It allows understanding the people, including their culture and national identity. The dance always reveals the philosophy and the outlook of the Kazakh people. Therefore, experts believe that it is important to promote this unique treasure of the Great Steppe on the international arena as the Kazakh dance can demonstrate the culture of Kazakhstan.


 - Our students and artists win international competitions with the Kazakh dance. We can see the reactions of foreign viewers when we tour abroad. The spectators see the beauty in body movements, beautiful costumes and brilliant music. The audience is always thrilled to see how the music is expressed through dance.

Recently, the Kazakh Dance documentary received the Kulager National Award of the Kazakh Union of Cinematographers. The film immerses into the history and establishment of the national choreographic art. This is another proof that the Kazakh dance is a valuable cultural heritage of the Kazakh people, which must be cherished and preserved.