Kazakhstan Fashion Week in Astana

Kazakhstan Fashion Week in Astana

New trends, a variety of styles, mixed colours, textures, unique accessories, dresses, knitted suits, trousers, jackets and blouses can be found at Kazakhstan Fashion Week Astana. 17 designers from Kazakhstan, Italy, Georgia, Latvia, Russia, Belgium and Australia took part in the event. Within three days, the metropolitan public will get acquainted with the most noticeable trends of the spring-summer 2019 fashion season. This year, organizers say that the fashion week has a new format.


 - This time there will be a competition for young designers. We had it before but it was called the Open Way. The young designers submit their work on design art in advance, (about a month or two early). They are given assignments and the contestants are selected based on their sketches. Then they do a fashion show and from there we select the potential designers.

Out of 600 contestants, only 15 amateur designers moved on to the final stage of the competition. They will present their collections during the fashion week. The winner will undergo three-weeks training at the best design schools in Spain and Italy. Experts from the European Institute of Design will assess their skills.


 - When you design something you have a customer and the first is how it possible to sell your collection and where. The second is fabric. How have you decided to use the colour and balance between the colour? The idea behind, the starting point is very important. Without a strong idea, you can design everything but without a story. Another important thing is the language, English for the new generation, designer to share your identity abroad and so you have to speak English.

Participants of the Kazakhstan Fashion Week Astana are confident that in the future the country’s main city will become the centre of attraction of beauty and style, challenging the world fashion capitals.


 - Now the capital is becoming so progressive, interesting and modernized. There are a lot of young people who are interested in fashion. There’s a stereotype that the fashion site is located only in Paris or Milan, but now it is also in Tokyo and New York. We are also heading to this. (We are trying). In Central Asia, it is the largest event and I think we will be one of the best.

In addition to the main fashion shows by the best foreign designers, meetings for networking are also planned, where the participants are able to meet the guests and fashion industry representatives as well as media personalities and top bloggers.