‘San Men Sakhna’ international fashion festival

‘San Men Sakhna’ international fashion festival

National dresses, casual clothes as well as sportswear made locally are available at the ‘San Men Sakhna’ international fashion festival. In honour to celebrate the event’s 10th anniversary, organizers held a competition among young designers.


 - First of all, it is important to see their original design. We try to find those who can demonstrate their talent. We always try to support young designers to help them find their niche.

The fashion world is not only about colours, styles and fabrics but also ideas and sketches. Organizers say unique ideas can be spotted immediately. Designers find inspiration for new collections from anywhere. A fashion designer from the United Arab Emirates, Khadiya Shangareyeva was inspired by coffee. The colour of her favourite drink became the muse of her future collection.


 - I decided to create my own collection and call it the ‘Coffee extravaganza.’ There are different colors of coffee: fresh green coffee, roasted and brown. This is my first design, which I liked very much. The following collections are done but I love coffee very much since childhood and decided to bring them as well.

Khadiya Shangareyeva believes Kazakh fashion designers have a special style. She opines that local designers are capable to compete with international brands. Kazakh designers should be recognized globally to further develop the local fashion industry.