Kazakhstan took part in the World Travel Show in Poland

Kazakhstan took part in the World Travel Show in Poland. The largest event in Central and Eastern Europe gathered representatives of more than 500 travel companies. The five largest tour operators presented Kazakhstan’s potential.


 - The routes are built to allow tourists to see entire Kazakhstan, not only Astana and Almaty. Our nature is impressive. Tourists are delighted by the mountains of Almaty and the Altai Mountains. Then when they come to the west and see this combination of the semi-desert, balbaly and camels this generally seems like a miracle for people who have never seen it. In Europe, this is simply not the case.

Burabai, the Charyn Canyon and Baikonur as well as an exciting journey along the Silk Road; indeed, Kazakh tour operators have something to offer even to sophisticated foreign tourists.


 - We present tours like the Great Silk Road, which today is in demand among many tourists. We also offer tours in Almaty and the Almaty region, which includes visits to the Charyn canyon, the Kulsai Lake and other attractions of this region. For the first time, many tourists discover not only our country but also they discover the potential of our country since many of the sights are recognized for the first time.

At the exhibition, representatives of the Kazakh travel companies treated guests of the pavilion with baursaks and kurt. The national dessert, the gent (жент), was also cooked for the guests.


 - People at the Kazakhstan stand offer amazing desserts. Now I am going to try, but I need to wait a few minutes when the taste will be the most intense. There are delicacies, which simply don’t exist in Poland. Therefore, I immediately went to try. I have never been to Kazakhstan.

Visitors of the pavilion were introduced to the rich Kazakh culture. They enthusiastically listened to unusual sounds of shankobyz, dabyl and sazsyrnai.


 - At this exhibition, we introduce visitors to the national musical instruments. For example, if you talk about sazsyrnai, then its history begins from ancient times. It was found during the excavation of the ancient Otyrar city in the 12-13 centuries. Bolat Sarybayev named it as sazsyrnai. Foreigners are very interested and they like our melody.

Over the past six months, the number of Polish tourists visiting Kazakhstan has increased by 27%. A visa-free travel and direct flights between the two capitals open up new opportunities for the tourism development.