Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov celebrated his 70th anniversary

Famous Kazakh composer Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov is one of the most prominent figures in the Kazakh music industry. The musician, who created hundreds of well-known instrumental compositions, celebrated his 70th anniversary this year and continues creating music for admirers of his works. At a meeting with the intellectuals of Astana, the musician presented several projects, including a new instrumental album titled “The River of Life”.


- The album “River of Life” is an insight into my musical career and provides a better understanding of my works. This album includes melodies that I wrote at different times. Therefore, each composition is special for me in my opinion, all these melodies sound perfect, which allows me to promote these compositions to wider audiences.

The “River of Life” is Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov’s 12th album that includes 14 best works. The list also contains Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov’s revised works and latest instrumental compositions. The most prominent works are “The Melody of Childhood”, “The Melody of Love” and the music from the ‘Station of Love’ movie. At the meeting, the musician also presented a new poetry collection “To You, With Love” under the original penname Jean Luna.


- As a poet, I have the penname of Jean Luna. When people ask me why I have this penname, I say that Jean is a derivative of my last name Mukhamedzhanov. ‘Jean’ is a very special word for Kazakhs, because it means ‘soul’, and ‘Luna’ is moon, which is ‘ai’ in Kazakh. When the moon rises, I think that every person starts developing a certain romantic perception of the world. I wanted to reflect my lyrical perception of life in my penname Jean Luna. Actually, I'm a lyrical and romantic person, which is reflected in my music and poems.

Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov’s works gained wider recognition among foreign viewers. All the copies of the first poetry collection “Declaration of Love” was sold out in Moscow in just two weeks. Later, the works of the young poet were recognized in Paris, where Jean Luna was included in Del Mundo’s Writers' Union.