Filming of TV series on Tole Bi’s life

Filming of the historical television series about the life and work of the main bi of the Senior Horde, Tole, is being completed in Turkistan region. The production crew believes that the film will spark young people’s interest to their origins and will revive the centuries-old traditions of the ancestors.


- History is very important. Kazakhs say ‘if you don’t know seven generations of your ancestors, you are an orphan’. If we know seven generations of our ancestors, we will preserve our history. Despite the challenges of the future, we will have the wisdom of the past generations. Abylai Khan is the founder of the Kazakh Khanate. Today, we are filming a series about Tole bi, one of Abylai Khan’s allies.   

A big production team is working on the creation of the 10-series films. The film creators are set to show Tole bi’s life in the smallest details. Before filming, the team had to study the main character’s biography, his personality and the chronicles of his era in order to recreate historical events, clothing, weapons, and armor.


- In the film, we want to demonstrate that Tole bi was a really wise and fair politician. He made right decisions at the early age of nine and became a ‘boy bi’. As he grew up, he was recognized as a great bi who was able to reconcile people and stop the bloodsheds. The film also features tragic events, such as famine, civil wars, and land conflicts. We can see that Tole bi always found fair solutions.

Playing one of the developers of the Zhety Zhargy (Жеты Жаргы) set of laws is a great honor and tremendous experience for the actors. The public figure’s role is played by four artists of different ages.


- First of all, he is a wise man, and it is always difficult to play a wise man, because of the greatness of his personality and his outstanding way of thinking. It’s just impossible to convey his greatness with words. It is very difficult to play this role and build this image.

Most of the scenes were filmed in Turkistan region and partially in Kapshagai and Turkistan city. The film crew is currently working at the foot of Ordabasy Mountain. The team is filming the biggest battle scenes. A few more episodes will be filmed in Tashkent. The filming will be fully completed by November. Viewers will be able to appreciate the work of the film creators in April next year.