Astana can now boast a new attraction - the Peace Wall

Astana can now boast a new attraction - the Peace Wall

Astana can now boast a new attraction - the Peace Wall. The gift of the Aktobe region to the 20th anniversary of Astana has become popular among the residents and visitors of the city. The architecture landscape was built at the central square. The wall is 111 long and 17.5 meters high. The monument symbolizes the unity and harmony of all nationalities living in Kazakhstan’s territory. The semantic decoration of the complex is the ‘Peace’ inscription in 51 different languages. The project is based on the idea of the ‘The World. The 21st Century’ anti-nuclear manifesto of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The facility was opened on August 29, the International Day against Nuclear Tests.


 - It is symbolic and very beautiful that the word “peace” is written in 51 languages. In our language, peace is beibitshilik. It is peace and creativity that any nation aspires to.

The complex is made of metal and natural stone. According to ideas of architects, the wall which creates barriers is transformed into a roof uniting and giving protection to multinational Kazakhstan in a form of a petal.


 - In Paris and in Chicago have similar walls. It is a great honour and joy for us that we stand in the same row with such countries. Construction of this monument is a significant contribution to the architecture of Astana.

Kazakhstan’s renouncement of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal, the initiative to establish a conference on confidence-building measures and interaction in Asia and Congress of leaders of the world and traditional religions, manifesto ‘The World. The 21st Century’ and the Astana process on the Syrian conflict - all these activities are Kazakhstan’s significant contributions to global security.


 - This monument is a good example and indicator of the current state policies in security, peace and stability.

The Azerbaijani diplomat believes that the new monument has become a symbol of peace, stability and security not only in Kazakhstan but also in the entire international community.