First International short film festival titled ‘Positive’

Ten short films, stories about people living in Astana, about love, self-sacrifice, dreams and victories have been presented at the first international short film festival titled ‘Positive.’ The cultural project has united directors, screenwriters, cameramen, actors and other filmmakers from Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan.


 - Ten short films, united in one novel, were timed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Astana. All stories took place in Astana. The stories are about different city residents of different professions and personalities. The genres are very different: comedy, melodrama and drama. Basically, almost all the films have a happy ending. We have 13 nominations for ten films.

Each film catches the audience’s attention from the first seconds. Filmmakers manage to include not only the plot, culmination and denouement of the plot into15 minutes, but also they manage to inform spectators about the main message of their creative idea. Film director Aigul Aksambiyeva told about how her film ‘I Hear You’ was created, which won the Best Film nomination.


 - It takes a whole month from an idea to realization. I thought only about the Land of the Deaf and every day I asked this land to let me in their world. I wanted to show their lives to ordinary viewers not distorting anything. It was a huge responsibility

Well-known Russian actress Irina Bezrukova who successfully played one of the main roles starred in the film. Murad Radzhabov from Uzbekistan starred as an Uzbek matchmaker in the film. Experts of the film festival recognized the actor’s play as the best one.


 - In Uzbekistan, cinema is developing in a natural way. It has shortcomings as well as successes, but everything is a natural step forward. This is also what I noticed in Kazakhstan and I think that this festival determines the future of the Kazakh cinema.

The event organizers promise to make the short film festival annual. In the near future, fruits of the ‘Positive’ project will be presented in other cities of the republic.