A historical film ‘Tomiris’ is nearing its completion

Shooting a historical film ‘Tomiris’ is nearing its completion. The filming took place in Almaty, as well as Kapchagai, Burabay and Chundzha. The film crew recreated the ancient city of Babylon at the film set of the Kazakhfilm studio that took almost half a year. Moreover, foreign computer-generated imagery specialists were involved in the film production.


 - It is a large-scale and complex scene. There are about 150 background actors. We are planning to increase their number and the Babylon facility on the screen with the help of the CGI.

All lead actors took special training in the Nomad training camp. Almira Tursyn is one of those who has learned horse riding, archery and weapons handling in two months. She is the one who was selected to play the Saka queen among 15,000 contenders. 


 - Of course, there were interesting and difficult moments. I got especially tired when I was wearing a suit. It's very hot in it. I got tired, even when I rode a horse. It was also difficult to speak in the Old Persian language because the tongue stumbles.

The shooting of the historical film started in October last year. 1,000 sets of clothes were made for the actors and actresses and more than 20 costume sets were prepared for Tomiris only. 10,000 weapons were made for the film. The historical film will be shown in cinemas in March.