Aisholpan Nurgaiypkyzy, the eagle huntress from Mongolia intends to study english in Astana

World famous ethnic Kazakh eagle huntress from Mongolia intends to get an education in her historic homeland. Aisholpan Nurgaiypkyzy is planning to study English in Astana. She will get basic knowledge to study at Harvard University which invited her a few years ago.


 - The world celebrity has decided to continue her studies in Kazakhstan. She was invited by many universities and she came into a conclusion that she will stay in Kazakhstan for 2-3 years. This is very important for the Kazakh-Mongolian cooperation, which we have supported. We annually send a large number of books and textbooks to this region which has nearly 7-8 Kazakh schools.

The world-famous eagle huntress came to Kazakhstan for the first time. Aisholpan got acquainted with history and sights of her native land. She got genuinely interested in each exhibit of the national museum. In the pavilion of nomadic culture, her attention was caught by a scarecrow of a hunter bird.


 - From ancient times our ancestors have hunted with hunter birds. My uncle was an eagle hunter. After high school graduation, he left and I began to look after his golden eagle. I started my first training when I was eight, and when I turned ten I began hunting with my father. The hunting with the hunter birds is not an easy task. In summer, the weight of the golden eagle reaches 15-20 kilograms, and in winter they slim down to 8-10.

The world’s youngest eagle huntress became well known two years ago. American filmmaker Otto Bell shot a short film about an ethnic Kazakh from Mongolia who was mastering the art of hunting with hunter birds. Before the seventh tribe, Aisholpan’s ancestors were engaged in national hunting. Her father passed all the knowledge to her since he believed that of the four children, she is the only one who can train the birds.

The majority of international media became interested in the eagle huntress who became a symbol of nomadic life in the modern world. Aisholpan Nurgaiypkyzy has visited more than 30 countries among which Kazakhstan is her historic homeland.