A large-scale project titled ‘Focus Kazakhstan’ was presented worldwide

A large-scale project titled ‘Focus Kazakhstan’ was presented worldwide. International spectators have the opportunity to observe the Kazakh visual and contemporary artworks dated between the 1930s until the present days. For example, artist Askhat Akhmediar created an installation titled ‘Ancestors’ Amulet’. It represents iron pots connected with ropes. The author wanted to demonstrate the importance of women’s contribution to the household and the society in general.


 - I had the idea of iron pots because I watched my wife being busy with iron pots in the kitchen. I felt sorry for her because it takes a lot of her time.

Another artist created a huge canvass titled ‘Kelin’ made of plastic bags. The author wanted to attract people’s attention to the environmental issues. 


- I suggest completely changing our attitude towards this problem. We should start thinking about the ways to use the plastic. If the plastic cannot be fully destroyed, let’s search for the ways to use it.

The exhibition titled ‘Post-Nomadic Mind’ features artworks by both renowned artists and the beginners. Representatives of different generations hold discussions and study the evolution of art beginning with the past centuries and up to the present time.


 - The exhibition contains the traditional elements which distinguish us from the English people and brings diversity.

Focus Kazakhstan Project is being implemented as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program, particularly, the Modern Kazakh Culture in the Global World project aimed at the promotion of the Kazakh art in the world.


 - Which is not only about the present, but about the future, about a more open culture, about a more equal culture, many of artists are of course women and also something which can open up Kazakhs’ own idea of itself for the future.

The Kazakh art exhibition will be open for the British art admirers for a month. Moreover, Focus Kazakhstan Project will be presented in Germany, the United States and South Korea.