New books on the works of well-known Kazakh playwright - Akim Tarazi, were presented in Astana

New books on the works of well-known Kazakh playwright and Kazakhstan state prize laureate Akim Tarazi were presented in Astana. The presentation was held in the National Academic Library. The first work titled ‘Zhazushi Zhany’ was written by writer and journalist Ularbek Nurgalymuly. The book contains the author’s analytical articles with the research of the script writer’s personality. The second book is titled ‘Akim Tarazi as the Film Writer’. This work is written by the critic and the Kazakh National Arts University’s professor Nazira Mukysheva. The work is dedicated to the playwright’s works. The book reviews the prominent scriptwriting work of the Kazakh film industry – the film ‘Footsteps Lead Beyond the Horizon’. The author made an analysis and studied archival documents.      


 - There were no books of this format before. It’s the first book of this kind. It was not easy to write it. I didn’t have any examples.  All archival materials and scripts were written in Russian. The documents are also in Russian. We had to translate many materials to write a book in Kazakh.


 - Although I am a state prize laureate and achieved an international level, I am still critical to myself, because I believe that we shouldn’t stop improving oneself. If I stop, it means that I no longer exist. I read my works and take notes of the best and weak parts. Writers shouldn’t pity themselves. If people are content with what they have, they will not succeed.