Film directors plan to shoot 10 series about the history of Tole bi

Film directors plan to shoot 10 series about the history of Tole bi

A historical film series is planned based on the life of one of the greatest Kazakh bi. Film directors plan to shoot 10 series about the history of Tole bi starting from the moment of his birth, his rise to power and the life before he came to power. The film crew will shoot in six locations. Filmings in the Tolebi, Baidibek and Ordabasy districts were completed. Episodes in Turkestan will display how Tauke Khan used to discuss politics with elders. Filmmakers claim that one of the most important historical events from Tole bi’s life took place in the current spiritual capital of the Turkic world.


 - The film aims to show and educate Kazakhs about the great personality, Tole bi. We are filming about a man who significantly contributed to the unification of Kazakh tribes against the Dzhungar invasion. At the end of the film, we will show Abylai’s fight and the important decisions made with the help of Tole bi.

Filmmakers plan to showcase about the life of Tole bi in detail. Before the beginning of the work, they had to carefully study not only his personality but also the history of that time. Tole bi started speaking publicly at the age of nine. Common people admired not his beautiful speeches, but his fair decisions rooted from his love for people and his courage. The actor must show these characteristics. Abzal Tulenov stars as Tole bi. It has become a real challenge at the very beginning of his career for the student at Mukhtar Auezov South Kazakhstan State University.


 - I perform a character that is very much respected among people. First of all, he cared about the people. We can’t feel through everything that happened at that time since it was a very different social situation which includes years of miseries, the Zheti Zhargy code of laws, litigations related to land and wives and perished soldiers. It is very difficult to imagine and even harder to perform.

Upon the end of the work in Turkestan, the crew will continue filming in Tashkent and Almaty. The film premiere is scheduled for the end of this year.