Kazakhs have won the award of the world-famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Kazakhs have won the award of the world-famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe. International theatre critics highly appreciated a solo performance titled ‘Beyond the River.’ The Asian Arts Committee gave the special ‘Innovation’ prize to director Tatyana Kim and actor Anatoliy Ogai for the novelty and creativity of the work. Actor Anatoliy Ogai not only starred in the play but also wrote the script. The play conveys the fate of an ethnic Korean who was deported like thousands of his brothers in 1937 from Russian Far Eastern border regions to Kazakhstan and Central Asia and then fought in the Second World War. 


 - The play tells about his military path in 1943.

The audience closely watched the plot. Organizers said that it was interesting to learn about Kazakhstan’s history through the main character. Today, the country is multinational with the presence of tolerance and mutual respect.


 - This is the way we have chosen to show this because it is true that there can be 10 people of different nationalities sitting at one table. We all speak the same language and understand each other.

This fall the ‘Beyond the River’ play will be presented at the United Solo’s largest festival in New York. The authors are expecting that their play will be successful.