First spiritual and moral education centre will be opened in Kazakhstan

The ‘Anaga tagzym’ centre of spiritual and moral education, which is the first centre of this kind in Kazakhstan, will be opened in Aktobe. The complex was built in the form of a mother’s snow-white headscarf. This is a unique project that will convey stories of great Kazakh women like Bopai Khanym, Nursulu Tapalova, Roza Zhamanova and Aliya Moldagulova, to name a few. The facility is estimated at 350 million Tenge and was built at the expense of philanthropists. In addition, the centre will conduct family training with the participation of psychologists as well as music and dance groups. Classes for knitting, sewing and culinary will also be available at the centre.


 - As part of this forum, we want to launch the Kyz- Yeldin Korki project. Thanks to this project, we will embrace the education of our girls. Designers, choreographers, educators, and methodologists will work with them.