Modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity projects

Modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity projects

6,500 residence of Western Kazakhstan has visited the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity museum in Uralsk. The museum was opened eight months ago with the support of local entrepreneurs. The museum building has historical value for the region. It is an architectural monument of the late 19th century. The region’s entire history is showcased in four exhibition halls. The first hall presents each of the seven sacral corners of the Urals. In the second hall, visitors can trace the country’s history and the fate of Western Kazakhstanis through photos and archival documents. Another hall presents the republic’s achievements during the years of independence.


-By visiting the museum, I have learned a lot about the history of our region. It is unique. The Urals is a birthplace of many famous historical figures, poets, writers and soldiers. We are proud of our heritage. It's good that our museums manage to preserve all this for future generations.

Nearly 500 valuable exhibits are kept in the museum’s collection. The items were discovered during archaeological excavations.


-These are the findings from the Taksai mound where our golden princess was found. In addition, there are the findings that were discovered during archaeological excavations in the Zhaiyk mound in 2001. The exhibits include pipes, red bricks and slabs and they were presented in the museum. Each of them is unique.

The valuable exhibits of the museum include the Morse telegraph. At the beginning of the 20th century, a lot of important news was transmitted through the telegraph. However, not all museum exhibits are available to visitors. It is not realistic to show everything at the exhibitions. This requires digital transformation. Funds have been allocated from the local budget for development of the digital format.


-As part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program, the museum funds will be transferred to the digital format. This year we plan to purchase special equipment and we will be able to transfer the funds to the digital format.

In recent years, new museums have been opened in Kaztalovskiy, Shyngyrlauskiy and Zelenovskiy districts. According to the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program, work has begun on the digital transformation of storage facilities in the region.