Patriotism starts with learning the local history

Patriotism starts with learning the local history

Patriotism starts with learning the local history. New projects are being implemented as part of the Tugan Zher program. Special attention is paid to the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the local land, as well as its sacred sites, important archaeological facilities and prominent figures. Historians of Beskaragai district of East Kazakhstan region are working intensively in this area.


 - We have a task of educating patriots of the new format. Patriotism starts with family. Therefore we need to instil patriotism since birth telling them the history of their ancestors and the history of the local land.

Journalist and local historian Assylbek Kozhakhmetuly dedicated his book to the history of the region. The author conducted meticulous work for the book. The book contains previously unpublished materials about the history of Beskaragai land and its prominent figures.


 - I visited archives and discovered many valuable materials about forgotten heroes and local names that were lost. The publication also includes previously unknown facts about the lives of our prominent figures, such as, for example, Saken Seifullin who once lived here and famous musician Amre Kashaubayev. I learned very interesting fact from the life of Ilyas Moldazhanov who was one of the prominent members of the Alash movement. He worked as a postman in Steklyanka village. 

Currently, Beskaragai district is actively developing. As part of the Tugan Zher program, local entrepreneurs are constructing new buildings and reconstructing historical facilities. Local officials are implementing several projects worth more than 10 million Tenge by the end of the year.