10th 'Atameken' International Festival

10th 'Atameken' International Festival

The 10th ‘Atameken’ International Festival, which was held in Uralsk, has announced the famous composer and People’s Artist of Kazakhstan, Yeskendir Khasangaliyev as the State Prize winner.

Young performers from all over Kazakhstan, as well as guests from Russia, took part in the song contest. According to jury members, such competitions help to identify new talented people.


 - I have written over 200 songs. It is very gratifying to see that people love my songs and sing them. This is the best reward for a composer. Performers are trying to breathe new life into my works.

Works of Yeskendir Khasangaliyev has helped him to win on world stages, says the competition winner. Listeners appreciate the patriotism, soulfulness and melody of his songs.


 - Songs by Yeskendir Khasangaliyev can be enough for many festivals. Therefore, we need to popularize the unknown works and new songs by the composer. We need to promote the songs in Western countries and invite Western artists to us. Nearly 10 songs of the composer have been translated into other languages, particularly, Korean, Chinese and French.

Meanwhile, the ‘Saryn’ trio from Shymkent was awarded the first-degree diploma for the original pitch and creative search. Young performer Bekzat Abitov from Almaty earned the love of spectators and jury members and won the main prize.