Ancient archaeological monument is attracting scientists from all over the world

The ancient archaeological monument, the Botai settlement, has been attracting scientists from all over the world for almost 40 years. Nearly 6,000 years ago a horse was domesticated for the first time right on the territory of Northern Kazakhstan. This year researchers have discovered over 1,000 valuable artefacts on the territory of the complex. Foreign geophysicists have scanned most of the settlement and developed an underground excavation plan.


 - The most important site at the moment from understanding the first domestic horses. These are still the earliest horses that we can demonstrate and that were domesticated. Although now we also know that genetically this isn’t the only place where the horses were domesticated.

Professor of zooarchaeology from the United Kingdom is a frequent visitor to Botai. Alan Outram spends his summer there for the 10th time. This year the scientist brought a group of students with him. They are studying the most unique finding of this season - a fragment of the human jaw.

 - Three wisdom teeth haven’t grown yet. This means that it is a child who was about 11 years old. It's impossible to install the floor yet.

Since 1980, work on the settlement has not stopped even for a minute despite weather conditions. Studies take place in a processing laboratory, which houses several thousand artefacts. Some of the artefacts will be taken for genetic examination.


 - This year we will examine the last phase of the settlement’s life. They are not as saturated as the findings at the territory of workshops. These are the so-called sleeping areas. There are a lot of materials related to sewing clothes and preparation.

Since May, more than 100 tourists from different countries have visited the settlement. The most important findings will be transferred to the country’s National Museum. Professor Victor Seibert dreams of opening a Botai settlement museum-reserve. The settlement has joined the list of 100 Holy Places in Kazakhstan.