A monument for Abai Kunanbayev has been built in the East Kazakhstan region

Another monument for great Kazakh philosopher and poet Abai Kunanbayev has been built in the East Kazakhstan region. The opening of the bronze sculpture took place as part of a celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Abai district and the 160th anniversary of the birth of Shakarim Kudaiberdiuly.

The bronze sculpture of Abai is eight meters high. Young sculptor, Nurbol Kaliyev had worked on the monument for six months. He had carefully studied the materials on architectural antiquities and works of the great thinker.


 - At one glance, the work does not seem complicated. A theme and an idea are profound. Abai is a bright and unique person. I wanted to show that work and knowledge can lead to heights of success.

The great Abai and Shakarim have called on Kazakhs to constantly learn. They left behind a rich spiritual heritage. Abai’s works were played near his monument. A theatrical performance with fragments of the poet’s life was staged at the central stadium of Semei.


 - We, the descendants, are very happy and grateful to residents of Semei. They highly appreciate the works of our grandfather and popularize them among the younger generation. They remember the names of these iconic people.


 - Our grandfather Shakarim called on his people to serve, to learn new information and art. This is still appropriate today. Now our task is to continue his work.

Experts highlight that Abai's unique heritage significantly contributes to the spiritual enrichment and upbringing of the younger generation.