Kazakhstan cinema is joining the world platforms

Kazakhstan cinema is joining the world platforms. Foreign spectators can view the works of domestic filmmakers and evaluate the performances of local actors. Kazakh film studio has signed a cooperation agreement with the largest cinema services platform. From September 1st, over 150 domestic films are available on popular movie platform with more than 50 million regular viewers. According to Kazakh films, the movies are available in Russian and Kazakh languages. The online cinema platform has a total of 77,000 videos of which 6,500 are animations and feature films, 45, 000 popular TV shows and 20, 000 news program.


- This agreement gives a good opportunity for our Kazakh cinema to join the world platform. They received requests from different countries, including Western Europe. I think this is due to the fact that many former compatriots who immigrated to other countries show great interest in Kazakh cinema.