A traditional wedding of South Korea has been demonstrated in Astana

A traditional wedding which is one of the most beautiful customs of South Korea has been demonstrated in Astana. It is not only the tradition which takes roots from the historical past, but also an alliance of two families, as well as a ritual that should be present in lives of all Korean youth who are tying the knot. A demonstration of the centuries-old, bright and beautiful rite of Hollye, the traditional Korean wedding, was held for the first time on Kazakhstan’s territory, at the ‘Kazakhstan-Korea’ Friendship Garden. According to South Korean Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kim Dae-sik, South Korean artists have arrived in Astana to show all the details and uniqueness of Korean culture.


- First of all, I would like to say that this time a troupe of artists from the Andong city has arrived. This city is the cradle of Korean culture and traditions. They brought these bright national costumes. Since the event is held in Kazakhstan, as a sign of special respect and gratitude to the Kazakh land and people of your republic, we have decided to wear Kazakh national costumes.

The ritual of the coming of age has attracted the attention of visitors. The tradition is considered to be one of the first ceremonies in life of Koreans since their birth. Young men tie their hair into a ‘Kwan’ cap and women braid their hair into a knot with pins.


- We came to see it with family. Everything is interesting and we tried on a Hanbok, a traditional Korean dress. I'm learning Korean. I really like their culture, mentality. I am very grateful to the Korean cultural center that they often organize such events.

Today, the relationship between Kazakhstan and South Korea is well rounded. This is due to the active development of integration processes, trade and economic partnership, as well as to multi-vector foreign policy of the two countries. The expansion of relations in culture is of special importance.


- Over 25 years of diplomatic relations between our countries, strong and dynamic relations have been established, especially, in terms of culture. I’m pleased to see that Kazakhs respect the Korean culture and traditions. In return, we also try to organize many different cultural events every year.