Uzbekistan marked the birth anniversary of Abai Kunanbayev

Uzbekistan marked the birth anniversary of great Kazakh poet and philosopher, Abai Kunanbayev. The celebration started with the ceremony of laying flowers to the monument of the poet in front of the Kazakh embassy in Tashkent. The event was attended by diplomats and intellectuals of the two countries. The attendees highlighted the historical value of the legacy left by the founder of Kazakh written literature. Youth recited Abai’s works in Kazakh and Uzbek languages. A delegation from East Kazakhstan region brought unique collections of Abai’s works, which was kept in the rare reserves of local history museum and universal library named after Abai. Famous Uzbek poets and writers also presented a new book of Abai’s translated works. A cooperation memorandum was signed between the Writers’ Unions of both countries. 2018 is dedicated to Abai Kunanbayev’s works in Uzbekistan.


- Abai will live forever. Abai Kunanbayev’s unique poems and words of edification reflect the best and right way of life perception. His works teach us to take a different look at life and reveal the mystery of the world. He left his immortal works that promote human values.


- Our ancestors highly appreciated the friendly ties established between our fraternal nations and valued the literature works of each other by reading and studying them. We signed this historical cooperation memorandum with the purpose of preserving the tradition, promoting literature heritage and passing them to the next generations. The document allows for the exchange of anthologies, translations of books and establishment of ties between the newspapers and magazines. Thus, we are planning to share materials and issue joint publications.