An exhibition ‘Ushkonyr’ was opened in the National Museum of Kazakhstan

The collection of beautiful paintings displayed is dedicated to the home region of Kazakh President, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The unique exposition showcased 22 art works of 16 famous Kazakh artists. The paintings were included in the photo album of the Kazakh President’s collection of quotes, also titled ‘Ushkonyr’ that was presented last year. According to project leader, Vyacheslav Titenyov, 120 art pieces based on President Nazarbayev’s citations and quotes were included in the exclusive publication. Majority of the art works were painted by modern artists and 30 of the paintings represent the legacy of famous Kazakh classical artists.


 - The project is dedicated to the Kazakh President’s home region. It was created to show the origins of the President’s activities, way of thinking, childhood, background and nature surrounding him. We demonstrated how every person grows up in his home land based on the President’s quotes and these paintings.

The artists said it was not easy to reflect the significance of the President of Kazakhstan’s citations on canvas. Implementation of creative ideas requires deep knowledge of the life and activities of President Nazarbayev.


 - When the president was young, he used to collect apples with his father. They had an apple garden in Ushkonyr where they liked to pick apples. These are the childhood memories of our First President that are filled with romanticism, purity of views and excitement.

The Kazakh painters did their best to express the beauty of the wild nature in Almaty region and the charm of the homeland using different range of colors, elaborate designs and diversity of artistic techniques. The exhibition is open to art admirers until September 10.