Pablo Picasso works exhibition was opened In Astana

One of the most famous artists of the 20th century, creator of thousands of paintings, many sculptures and ceramics, and the founder of cubism - the extraordinary Pablo Picasso is known in every corner of the planet, and some of his works are best-selling and are collected. Residents and visitors of Astana now have the opportunity to view the art works of the Spanish master. An exhibition was opened in the National Museum, where ceramic products and engravings by Pablo Picasso, brought from private collections in Spain and Italy, were presented. The artist discovered ceramics after a trip to the French city of Vallauris. The master is known to not use the potter’s wheel when creating his works. 


- Working with ceramics meant a revision for Picasso, the so-called revisionism where he reconsidered himself. This is not one of his hobbies and not just a creative experiment. I think that as an artist he became an artifex or an artisan and he found that it is all the same. If you are an art person, there is no difference in what you are doing.

Picasso often turned to mythical images in his works and portrayed animals. Greek and African motifs are frequently portrayed in his ceramic products. In general, the ceramics of Picasso is a reflection of Mediterranean culture which is a unique fusion of traditions of many nations.


- Picasso continued to create his sculptures and ceramics until the end of his days. Another great passion for him was graphics and engravings. Here you can see the original graphic works of Picasso, many of which are illustrations for books. Picasso was a very hardworking master.

The art exposition in Astana presents a total of 100 genuine works by Pablo Picasso, taken from private European collections. The unique exhibition will last until November 3.