‘Junior Eurovision song contest’ selection in Kazakhstan

The selection for the participation in a prestigious international children’s contest, the ‘Junior Eurovision – 2018’ continues in Kazakhstan. Applications can be submitted to the official website of Channel Khabar. To date, the organizers have received hundreds of phone calls from parents of young performers.


-We receive a number of calls related to the conditions, rules and song. Everyone now writes children’s songs. Therefore, I once again want to remind viewers that we have a special website dedicated to this selection. All conditions are available online and those interested can apply.

Children aged 9-14 can take part in the competitive selection. The prerequisite is an original song, which was never publicly performed. The duration of the Euro-pop composition should not exceed three minutes and it should also be recorded in a professional studio. In addition, the song must be in Kazakh, although 40 per cent of the lyrics is allowed in English. Participation is opened to groups of up to six persons.


-Everyone has a chance. Most importantly, it is to show one’s talent and not be afraid. This is a huge platform. This is an international experience, which in the future will be important and play a huge role in your musical career. It is such a big responsibility to represent our country, especially for the first time.

Each country determines in its own way to select a finalist who will head to Eurovision. For example, in France, a young performer was chosen without conducting preliminary selections and competitions. In Georgia, a television project was created to find the most talented participant. In Russia, the best talent was chosen from a big gala concert at the Artek International Children's Center. Kazakhstan also has its own prerequisites.


 - In our country, it will be as follows: by August 31st, applications will be submitted and until September 7, the jury will select at least 10 finalists. Until the end of September, we will organize a big gala concert with the participation of stars and spectators. With the help of viewers voting on air and the jury selection, we will choose our winner, who will head to the finale of Eurovision.

The capital of Belarus, Minsk will host the finale of the Junior Eurovision-2018, an annual international television song contest on November 25. A live broadcast of the contest will air on channel Khabar for Kazakh viewers.