An exhibition of contemporary art 'Tamyz' was opened in Astana

An exhibition of contemporary art ‘Tamyz,’ which means August was opened in Astana. The exposition includes works of 13 Kazakh artists such as Almagul Menlibayeva, Rashid Nurekeyev, Armat Bektas, Munisa Guliyeva and Alexander Barkovskiy. In total, over 30 works which include paintings, photos, sculptures and videos were showcased. ‘Tamyz’ is the period of a bonfire in Turkic languages. The bonfire is part of the design of the exposition, which will last until end-September.


 - We wanted to combine the old and the new. We watched the work, selected according to a principle of reflection on the ongoing social and political moments in the country. Then we chose according to aesthetic parameters which are suitable for this topic. Of course, a lot of works can tell about time and transformation.


 - This is a platform for creative people and meetings. This is a place for people who create and who are not indifferent to creativity. They can get acquainted here and cooperate in the future. It's always a mix of events and creations.