Kyzylorda regional music and drama theater performed at the Edinburgh Festival

Kyzylorda Regional Music and Drama Theatre performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the capital of Scotland. Kazakh artists showcased the ‘Akbayan’ play, which is based on the epic drama ‘Kozy Korpesh – Bayan Sulu.’ The 50-minute performance tells the story of two lovers. The play was chosen to present the rich Kazakh history, culture and art to foreigners. 


 - I believe that it is a wonderful experience for Kazakh actors to perform a Kazakh play in the Kazakh language on English land. We received support from the regional governor’s office.

The play was translated into English and the texts were handed out as brochures to the audience. The spectators were impressed by the play, which have taught them the values of Kazakhs.


 - I learned that it’s a passionate culture and a proud culture and a very artistic one. I know nothing about Kazakh culture. This was a good introduction.

The Kyzylorda Theatre has staged performances in various genres. The half-a-century theatre crews have toured Tatarstan, Turkey and Azerbaijan and won several awards abroad. Besides the Kazakh team, there are 50,000 artists from 50 countries performed at the Festival Fringe event.


 - We are showcasing our traditions, art, respectfulness, modesty and hospitality here.

The Festival Fringe is the world’s largest arts festival. The event was started after several theatre companies were not invited to the Edinburgh International Festival over 70 years ago. In turn, the theatres organized alternative shows which then evolved into a successful large-scale international festival.