International 'Uly Dala' Festival

Best singers and composers of traditional music have made a performance at the international Uly Dala festival in Pavlodar. The festival was organized at an ethnic village with numerous snow-white yurts at the picturesque Yertis River. Visitors from China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Turkmenistan were introduced to the music, lifestyle as well as customs and traditions of Kazakhs.


-The Uly Dala festival is not just a festival, it has planetary world significance because Kazakh music by Yestai and Zhayau Musa is magnificent. We talked about folklore and classic. In general, the Kazakh steppe is a whole symphony and a whole opera. Along with world music, we have Kazakh music and Kazakh poets.

This year, the ethnocultural festival was organized in conjunction with the anniversary of famous natives of Yertis River such as Bukhar Zhyrau, Musa Shormanov, Mashkhur Zhusup Kopeyev, Yestai Berkimbayev and Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov.


-I grew up listening to works of Yestai. He started learning to play as a great composer from early childhood. Pavlodar hosted a festival in honour of my idol. It is an honour to take part in the event.

The main visitors of the ethnic village were folk poets and improvisers, including Kazbek Kasymov. 10 years ago he won the aitys competition which was held in the honour of the 140th anniversary of Yestai Berkimbayev.


-We write songs and sing for everyone. My family surrounds me. Along with the wealth of the Kazakh valleys, my beloved brothers, Uzbeks and Georgians, Tatars and Russians, Bashkirs and Kyrgyzs are with me. I greet them with my yurt and koumiss, my song and greetings from my heart. The friendship is holy for a thousand years.

The festival on the main ‘Yertis Promenade’ stage of Pavlodar closed with a grandiose gala concert and festive fireworks.