‘Musical masterpieces of 20th century’ concert

Wonderful masterpieces of outstanding composers of the last century were staged in the Chamber Hall of Astana Opera. Well-known Kazakh instrumentalists and young talented musicians presented a virtuosic performance to the audience. In the evening, the string quartet of Kazakh composer Khabibulla Setekov was performed. The work was written in the mid-1980s and since then has taken a special place in the repertoire of Russian musicians who also performed romantic string sextet ‘Enlightened Night’ by Arnold Schoenberg and ‘The Piano Quintet’ by Dmitri Shostakovich which is one of the most triumphant works of the composer.


 - I have a very big story related to The Piano Quintet. I am one of the students of the legendary quartets from the Borodin Quartet in Moscow. I’m the student of the well-known Valentin Aleksandrovich Berlin. This work became my first quintet performance in 1997. It’s been 21 years since we have not played this quintet. Today, after much comprehension, we played it completely from a different angle with new music interpretation.

The musical masterpieces of the 20th century made an indelible impression on the audience and became a real gift for connoisseurs of art.