A book by Kazakh writer is one of the bestsellers in the US

A book by Kazakh writer Daniyar Sugralinov is one of the bestsellers of the largest Internet retailer in the United States. In just three weeks, the book entered top 1,000 bestselling items by general rankings. It can also be found in top 10 bestsellers in more specific thematic segments. About 20,000 buyers purchased the electronic copies of the book since the start of sales on the world’s largest Internet service. Details about the sale of paperback copies will be available next month. The publication stands next to bestsellers such as Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, George Martin’s A Game of Thrones and Stephen King’s books. The book is written in the motivational genre. It tells the story of a 30-year old man who suddenly acquires the ability to see the world through the interface of a computer game.


 - Just imagine, these are the three weeks results of a book by an unknown author. Moreover, it is the first books in the series, not the fifth book. Plus, the events are taking place in a former Soviet Union country which was supposed to discourage western readers, but it didn’t.