Different types of artworks presented by Bolat Mukhamediyev

A solo exhibition of art master, Bolat Mukhamediyev presents different types of art in one place. These include paintings, illustrations, sculptures, design solutions and architectural projects. The exhibition of the art master, who has created thousands of artworks, was opened in the country’s main museum. The artist admits that art always has and always will be a great influence on him, which is why he is not limiting himself to only one genre. He emphasizes that it is important not to restrain himself in search of inspiration and creativity.


 - I started my career back in 1972. From 1972 to 1989 I had worked for a publishing house and I have been creating works during these times. Then I stopped doing creative work for 25-30 years. But I began creating again in 2008. I don’t divide my art into graphics and paintings. 7-8 different genres of my works are presented at the exhibition.

Bolat Mukhamediyev combines modern computer graphics and classic visual arts in his works. Each of his art pieces is a completely independent work. The artist’s colleagues from abroad, who are also professionals in their job, highly appreciate Bolat Mukhamediyev’s unique creativity.


 - I am very pleased to be here. We came to attend Bolat Mukhamediyev’s exhibition. He is a very well rounded and extraordinary person and the creativity of people like him is very interesting because each person has his own way, which is not only the artist's path but also the person’s.

Bolat Mukhamediyev has done illustrations for more than 300 books including children's books, popular science, art and literature. His works have been exhibited many times at republican and foreign exhibitions. The artist has won six international awards of the book art of Germany, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey and Japan.