Assylbolat Smagulov’s Exhibition

A personal exhibition of the honoured artist of Kazakhstan Assylbolat Smagulov has opened in Petropavlosk. In his exposition titled ‘Motherland’, the artist presented over 40 works in various genres, including event paintings, portraits and landscapes. The film and theatre actor was born in Bostandyk village of Mamlyut district. His fascination with the beautiful nature of his homeland was reflected in his works. However, the majority of Assylbolat Smagulov’s paintings reflect his journey in acting. The paintings display the spirit of time, emotions and feelings experienced by the characters he played on stage. The artist promised to donate part of the collection to a museum.


 - I liked to draw since childhood. I always had a pencil in my hands and tried to draw something at home. I always wanted to draw paintings. In the past, there was no theatre school, but conservatorium where artists saw my works and said that I don’t have to study since I was a good painter. At that time, I was 19 or 20 years old.