Presentation of Bayangali Alimzhanov's new book

Kazakh poet, writer and playwright Bayangali Alimzhanov dedicated his new book to the friendship between the Kazakh and Kyrgyz people. The collection includes poems and episodes of the author’s interviews with the Kyrgyz poets, as well as stories about Manas, one of the largest literature works of Central Asia. The epic poem that was recorded and translated into Russian for the first time by Shokan Ualikhanov, was also glorified in this work as the poet and Manas expert provided his own interpretation of Manas in the book. Moreover, the book also features a poem dedicated to Mukhtar Auezov as well as poems about the Kyrgyz people, recordings of Aitys and other literary works dedicated to the inseparable friendship between Kazakhs and Kyrgyzs.


 - The main idea of my book is to show the unity between the Kazakh and Kyrgyz people. I am happy that I have the opportunity to express my view on the Manas Epic and that our Kyrgyz brothers and sisters can learn about it. Just recently, I presented my book as a gift to the Kyrgyz Ethnic Assembly. Next, I am planning to pass this book to the Kyrgyz libraries with the help of the embassy.