Findings of the mammoth bones donated to museum

A resident of Petropavlosk brought mammoth bones to a local history museum. The remains of the ice age animal include a thigh bone and a neck bone. Alexander Remshov discovered the bones while fishing in the village of Dolmatovo in Kyzylzhar district. The valuable artefacts were lying not far from the Yesil Riverbank. The bones were not damaged despite being underwater for many centuries. The museum staff said that the donated findings are considered as valuable items in their collection.


 - These bones are kept in a special place and they need to be dried since they were underwater for many thousand years. The bones will be treated for better preservation. After that, researchers will study the bones

The bones were not the first finding in the region. Bones of a mammoth that lived about 10,000 years ago were discovered in 2016 near Zeleny Gai. According to the museum staff, the last mammoths in the area of Northern Kazakhstan were extinct almost 12,000 years ago. The museum collection contains a total of 100 bones of ancient animals.