Showcase of Kazakh Film in the US excerpt from ‘Road to mother’

A gala show of a historical drama film titled ‘Road to Mother’ took place in Washington. The film stars, Adil Akhmetov and Altynai Nogerbek, as well as producer Svetlana Korotenko,  attended the show. The story about maternal love left the invited audiences in tears and full of emotions. The Kazakh film will be shown in movie theatres in the United States. The attendants said the presentation of the film will help strengthen the cultural ties between the two countries. The film by Aliya Nazarbayeva and Akan Satayev has won international recognition. In spring, the Kazakh film won ‘Best Feature Film’ award in the ‘Accomplishment in Life’ nomination at the WeLink festival in New York. The film also won awards at film festivals in Spain, Russia and Croatia. In addition, a solemn reception took place in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of Astana. Representatives of the White House, the US Chamber of Commerce and foreign diplomats took part in the reception. The guests also visited a photo exhibition.