‘Gala de Paris’ performance in Astana Opera

The troupe of the world’s oldest ballet school from France, the Paris National Opera have staged a performance in Astana Opera. Stars of the European theatre came to Kazakhstan for the first time. They presented the ‘Gala de Paris’ program. The audience watched ballet performances of ‘Raymonda,’ ‘Le Spectre de la Rose,’ ‘Manfred, and ‘Le Corsaire,’ among other performances. The final highlight of the evening was the performance of ‘Etude’ in which all the artists of the Paris troupe took part. Choreographer, Sebastien Bertaud developed the unique program while Anton Levakhin was the producer and creator of the idea. The ballet show was conducted by the Russian-American maestro, Vladimir Lande.


 - There is a dialogue between the West and the East. This is an amazing combination of the program in which the best French ballet dancers and stars take part including, Laetitia Pujol, particularly, the etude of the Paris Opera and Sae Eun Park, soloist of the Paris Opera, who was recognized as the world’s best dancer this year. Today, it is really a constellation of the best dancers of the national opera. These dancers talk to each other through choreography and music, and they collaborate with the beautiful orchestra of Astana Opera. This is really great for both musicians and soloists.

The ‘Gala de Paris’ production took place as part of the 20th anniversary of Astana celebration. The performance was also dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Paris Opera. The National Ballet Company of the Paris Opera was founded in 1661 by King Louis XIV as the Royal Academy of Dance.