Kazakh artists tour in Europe

Kazakh music bands have performed for the European public. The Astana Musical Theater has successfully presented their play ‘Kyz Zhibek’ at the 72nd Avignon Festival in France. Meanwhile, the chamber orchestra ‘Academy of Soloists’ have visited the Italian city of Tolmezzo for a concert performance. Local art admirers have given a warm welcome to the Kazakh artists.


 - In the morning, I read a message in a newspaper saying that an orchestra from Kazakhstan will visit the city with a concert program. Immediately, I started searching online for information about the venue and the tickets. I told all my friends about the upcoming concert. I came to the concert with great pleasure and I am very pleased to see my fellow-countrymen and speak my mother language.

The musicians of the ‘Academy of Soloists’ presented Kazakh traditional songs and classical compositions to the Italian public. The unique melodies and artistic presentation captivated the audience. The spectators were impressed by the performances and gave a round of applause to the musicians. According the Italian public, they were fascinated by the music of the Great Steppe.


 - We are very happy that you visit our city. It is the sign of strengthening cooperation between our countries. I want to mention that culture has no boundaries. We are happy that our sophisticated spectators liked the performing art of your musicians.

The Kazakh musicians will continue with their tour to other Italian cities as well as Macedonia.