Exhibition of Erkin Mergenov’s sculptures

The exhibition of Erkin Mergenov’s sculptures titled ‘Freedom’ was held in the National Museum in Astana. The famous master represented a whole generation of the Kazakh art. Artist, sculptor and innovator Mergenov expressed time and space in his own way. Art critics and his contemporaries believed that the sculptor’s works were bold and at times ahead of time. Erkin Mergenov’s extraordinary talent was demonstrated in his bronze and aluminum sculptures that conveyed the environment of his time, the main features of the age and gave a glimpse of the future. In his works, the sculptor tried to go beyond boundaries and stereotypes, which is why all his works have bizarre shapes, interesting details and unique performances.


 - The items presented in the National Museum are part of the sculptor’s heritage. It is a retrospective exhibition of his works, beginning with the middle 60s, when he was established as an artist with his own style. Although, his first works are dated back to the 50s. The works are completely different, including portraits and compositions.

Erkin Mergenov’s works are well known in many countries. His works are kept in the famous museums and private collections of art admirers of the neighboring countries and beyond.