Archeological findings belonging to the Chinese Qing Dynasty

Local historians in the city of Semey presented their findings discovered during the latest expeditions. The collection contains some 500 rare items. In general, the items include ancient porcelain stamps and coins belonging to the Chinese Qing Dynasty. According to experts, the stamps discovered during the excavations are also valuable. Some fragments are 300 years old and they can be used to determine previously unknown settlements.


- These items, including coins and stamps, have been discovered in our district not far from here, 100 km away from the city. We are thoroughly studying our region and we know exactly where certain items were discovered. Moreover, all our items, trips and every exploratory works are recorded. Data such as location, coordinates, photographs, and findings are saved in the state archive.

Meanwhile, the residents of Kostanay learned more about the history of the Ancient Taraz. A unique exhibition from Zhambyl region was held in Kostanay region. The purpose of the exposition titled ‘The Treasures of the Ancient Taraz’ is to present the rich history of Kazakhstan to the local visitors. More than 250 artifacts were presented at the exhibition. The items made of gold, silver, metal, copper and ceramics were the main pieces of the collection. All the exhibits were discovered due to archeological excavations held in Zhambyl region.


- Jewelry items are among the most valuable exhibits in the collection. For example, jewelry pieces for 92 women were discovered in this small jar, including gold earrings and other items. We can see that they are all skillfully performed, which means that the jewelers of that time used advanced techniques in making them. There are also coins dating back to the 10th-12th centuries in the collection.