Presentation of Bayangali Alimzhanov’s books

It is an excerpt of a recently published book of the famous Kazakh poet and playwright Bayangali Alimzhanov titled ‘The Melodies of the World’. The author’s collection includes poems dedicated to the daily lives of members of various ethnicities. The readers can enjoy the talent of the famous poet, including his skills of improvisation and unique rhymes. Bayangali Alimzhanov’s new book will be kept in the collection of the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan.  


 - It is important to pass traditions of ancestors and folk legends from generation to generation. This book is a collection of works where I tried to convey our history. To gift the book to the library means giving it to the people. This library is our cultural treasury, a place that people visit to gain knowledge and learn history. Therefore, I am happy to donate my books to the library. 

The author presented another gift to the youngest readers, a fairy tale titled ‘Benevolent Askar’. The book tells the story of a boy who saved a goldfish. The fairy tale was translated into several languages.  


 - Bayangali Alimzhanov published several fairy tales recently. Their distinctive feature is a combination of the old and the new period. The present-day children need such fairy tales, it is interesting for them.

Bayangali Alimzhanov created one more book titled ‘The Story of the 100-year old Steppe-dweller’ published in Russian. It is a narration by a wise old man about the friendship between Kazakh and German people.