Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Kazakhstan will participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. Khabar is the only Kazakh associate member of the European Broadcasting Union. For several years, the agency has held negotiations on Kazakhstan’s participation in the contest. Contestants representing Kazakhstan will be determined by early October. The contest will be held on November 25th in the Belarusian capital, Minsk. Children aged 9 to 14 from 19 countries will participate in this year’s Eurovision. The junior song contest will be broadcasted live on Khabar Channel. Based on the competition rules, participants would have to perform original songs and the winner will be determined by vote.


- It is important that our citizens to watch the contest and participate in the vote. We should understand that every country has different population size. According to the voting system used in Eurovision, people vote by SMS and online. The votes will be calculated based on the number of people participating in the vote. In addition, there will be five representative of Kazakhstan in the jury, including three adults and two children and their votes will also be counted. There is a certain formula by which the winner is determined.